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Meet Kathy

Kathy Gugulis is a born-and-raised Marylander and a 40-year resident of Montgomery County.  She grew up in Harford County, Md., one of six children of small business owners.  She graduated from the University of Maryland, College Park, with a degree in Journalism and minors in Economics and English.

As a retired Federal Executive with expertise in administrative and operations management, Kathy knows how to make Government work.  She served 18 years in the Senior Executive Service and held leadership positions at the U.S. Department of Agriculture and U.S. Department of Justice where she built performance and accountability systems successfully by working across departments and agency lines, cooperating with State and local public and private partners.  For her work she was recognized with the prestigious Presidential Meritorious Rank Award. She continues to serve on Rank Award panels that evaluate and recommend the performance of federal Senior Executives for Presidential recognition.

Kathy is a long-standing champion of equality for women and minorities. As Associate Assistant Secretary for Administration at the USDA, she led the Department’s landmark Civil Rights Implementation Team, recognized with a Secretary's Honor Award.   She oversaw over 300 employees on 30 teams in systematically reviewing all Department policies to eliminate discrimination in programs and personnel issues.  The report gave credence to claims by black, Hispanic, and other minority farmers ultimately resulting in billions of dollars in reparations judgements. She served as President and board member of Executive Women in Government, mentoring and advocating for women in Federal senior leadership positions. She also served on the Board of The International Alliance for Women, which advocates for economic empowerment and advancement for women all over the globe.

Kathy has a deep appreciation for a healthy environment.  Early in her career, Kathy served for over a dozen years as a public affairs officer for a Federal conservation agency and has visited and worked in every county in Maryland, promoting conservation measures with farmers and other environmental leaders across the State to conserve and enhance natural resources and the environment.

Since Federal retirement, Kathy has called upon her experience to help improve her community and county government as an appointee on the county’s Charter Review Commission and by testifying before the General Assembly and the Montgomery County Council.  She has volunteered for a senior ride sharing organization, as a chief election judge, as treasurer of the Potomac Women’s Republican Club, as First Vice President of the Montgomery County Federation of Republican Women, and as a tennis captain with the Montgomery County Tennis Association.

Kathy and her husband have lived in the Gaithersburg/Laytonsville area for over 40 years. She is committed to helping fellow county and State residents thrive!

Sandy Spring Strawberry Festival

Festival goers braved the rain and clouds to take part in the Strawberry Festival.  Met lots of voters and handed out hundreds of cards!

Muslim Community Center

Great time meeting constituents at the Muslim Community Center Candidate meet-and-greet!

Damascus Parade

Olney Days!

What a great way to meet voters at Olney Days!

Sandy Spring Early Voting Site

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