Kids, Cops, Jobs

After 20 years of one-party rule, Montgomery County faces serious issues around education, public safety, and economy.  We need a course correction.

We cannot grow our economy if:

  • our children can't get the education they need to prosper,
  • businesses aren't willing to bring their jobs to the County,
  • people don't feel safe in their schools, homes, and businesses, and
  • high taxes are forcing families and retirees to leave.
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Schools & Education

Student learning is decreasing while truancy and drop-out rates are increasing, disproportionately affecting low-income students, but leaving all students ill-prepared for jobs that will help them climb the ladder to success and contribute to the community.

Some 81 percent of all Maryland students tested in grades three through five are not proficient in math, and 76 percent are not proficient in English Language Arts. Throughout the state, 94 percent are not proficient in seventh or eighth-grade math.  (Source:  2021 Maryland Comprehensive Assessment Program.)

What should we do?
Give parents and students school choice through school vouchers for private, parochial or home schooling and increase the number of charter schools.  Increase options for students who would rather learn technical and vocational skills. Give school principals and teachers more latitude and options to maintain discipline in classrooms.  Instead of focusing on divisive social issues, invest in our kids’ academic education so they can compete in the increasingly technology-driven economy.
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Public Safety

Crime is increasing. There are more murders, carjackings, and car thefts than ever.

Reducing police funding and removing resource officers from schools have made us all more vulnerable to crime, not less.
Reducing or eliminating bail creates a revolving door for repeat offenders.

Removing protections for police officers carrying out enforcement actions in the line of duty puts everyone's lives in danger.

According to Montgomery's Police Chief, "I think we are at a very critical juncture.”  Three times the number of police are leaving monthly, he said.  Two thirds of the force is eligible to retire.  Recruitment is down.  Morale and salary are low.

What can be done?
Invest in our police and other safety officials by restoring funding and offering training for policing in diverse and multi-cultural communities.  Emphasize assistance to the victims of crime and hold criminals accountable for their actions.  Restore common sense protections for law enforcement officers and make strict, mandatory sentencing guidelines for those who commit crimes against public safety officers.  Instead of letting criminals go without bail, address the underlying issues that cause people to commit crimes and hold them accountable when they do.
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Economic Decline

Montgomery County's economy is declining while others in the region are growing.    Only two Fortune 500 companies remain in the county.  This means fewer and less good-paying jobs, as well as less tax revenue to support the growing needs in the county.

Maryland has one of the highest tax rates in the nation.  We must address post-pandemic transportation challenges as people return to work, if we’re going to attract new and better paying jobs.

What should we do?
Eliminate burdensome taxes and regulations on small businesses and create incentives for large businesses to bring good-paying jobs to the county and State. Ensure our roads and transportation systems are functioning efficiently. Address the unaffordable housing crisis that is chasing workers out of the county.

Together We Can Make a Difference