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 Let's Turn Around Montgomery County!

Forty years ago, Montgomery County was recognized nationally for its economy and schools.  Today, our county is not even the top in the State. 

Crime is up, school performance is down, and business development is the worst in the region.

We need a course correction!

I am ready to represent you in the Maryland legislature.

Working together, we can turn around Montgomery, by focusing on what our residents and families need to thrive—excellent education, safe communities, efficient transportation systems, and an opportunity for new and existing businesses to succeed. 

I am running for Delegate in the Maryland General Assembly’s Legislative District 14 because I love our diverse and vibrant community and want to see it thrive.  If you live in my district, I ask for your vote.  If you don’t, I ask for your support as a volunteer or with a donation to my campaign.  When elected, I will represent all county and State voters by insisting on an end to the failed policies and putting the best interests of our county residents first.

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